edf-resampler converts the samplerate of all signals from an EDF or BDF file and
saves them in a newly created EDF or BDF file.
Both up- and downsampling are supported.
If the source file contains annotations, they will be copied into the destination
file. The source file will not be modified.
Both the input samplerate(s) and the output samplerate must have integer values.
i.e. fractional samplerates are not supported.
The signals in the source file may have different samplerates, they will all be
converted to the new samplerate.
Parameter samplefrequency must be either one value for all signals or a comma
separated list of values for all signals e.g. -s 200,500,300 or --samplerate=200,500,300
The output samplerate must be >= 10 Hz.
If the destination filename is not given, the source filename will be used as the
destination filename concatenated with "_out.edf" or "_out.bdf".
The recording length of the destination file will be truncated to a multiple of seconds.
System requirements: GNU/Linux


Compiling on Ubuntu Linux and derivatives

Simply execute the following commands in a terminal:

  sudo apt update
  sudo apt install gcc make git
  git clone https://gitlab.com/Teuniz/EDF-resampler.git
  cd EDF-resampler


  edf-resampler <-i inputfilename | --inputfile=inputfilename>
                <-s samplefrequency | --samplerate=samplefrequency>
                [-r userratios | --ratios=userratios]
                [-o outputfilename | --outputfile=outputfilename]
                [-v | --verbose]
                [-h | --help]

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