Teunis van Beelen
Electronics engineer

12 channel DC-coupled EEG amplifier

This is an open-source EEG amplifier project. It includes the schematic, the boardlayout and
the Gerber- and Excellonfiles.
No SMD/SMT components are used in this design. Licences used in this project is the Creative Commons Share Alike.

This amplifier has been designed to complete the ADC-box and it will fit in the same housing.

Warning: This is an old project and it is not maintained. I have no time to support this project.
Some components are obsolete. It definitely should be modernized, use SMD components instead of THT, etc.
It lacks IEC60601 certification! So, do not try to build this project.
The reason I leave it here is only for educational purposes.





Report any errors, mistakes, omissions to teuniz@gmail.com

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